Frankenstein: A Graphic Horror Novel

Frankenstein: A Graphic Horror Novel
Author: Mary Shelley
Illustration: Pete Katz
Originally Released: 1818
Graphic Novel Released: 2016

Publisher: Metro Books
Purchased at Barnes and Noble

This classic horror story pulls you in from the start and keeps you engaged until the end. Throughout the story you will find yourself asking the question “who really is the monster?” Mary Shelley crafts together a story that reminds the reader that life is very fragile, but so is a person’s heart.

The Pros: The illustrator does an excellent job of portraying the classic characters from this legendary novel. The illustrations seem to focus heavily on the emotions of the characters, which creates a perfect harmony with the text. The dialogue is sparse at times, but it still has a strong impact. Victor Frankenstein and his creation have some frank discussions about love and acceptance, and the lessons are applicable to this day. The appearance of Victor Frankenstein’s “experiment-gone-bad-monster” has a completely different look compared to past versions of him in theatre and film. This adds to the uniqueness of this version, but still presents the monster as a frightful creature by emphasizing his piercing eyes, intelligent mind, and remarkable strength.

The Cons: The ending was great, but it was left open for a sequel. Maybe someday we’ll find more of Mary Shelley’s other writings which reveal the long awaited story of “what happened next?” One can hope.

Be advised that there are some killer images in this novel.

Jer gives it 5/5.


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