Kennel Block Blues

Kennel Block Blues
Author: Ryan Ferrier
Illustration: Daniel Bayless
Graphic Novel Released: 2017

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Free from Netgalley

*I received this series (1-4) from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.*

This series provides the reader with a look into what it is like for an animal to be locked up. It gives insight into what prison life-yes prison life-is like for dogs, cats, and other types of animals. Forget everything Pound Puppies taught you!

As you read this series you will meet Oliver, the main character. He is full of life and overwhelmingly optimistic. He sees prison life as a literal musical. In his mind, he imagines everyone dancing and singing and looking as if they came straight out of a classic Walt Disney cartoon with smiling faces and bright colors. In reality, he is viewing menacing dogs and cats, who are looking to pound him to a pulp as he sings his happy tune.


You’ll be captivated by Cosmo, a gigantic muscular dog, whose bite is worse than his bark; Pickles, the cat leader; Sugar, Oliver’s cellmate; Super Amazing Fantastic Charlie, aka Charlie; and the mysterious Chester.

As the story goes on, you will discover why Oliver is locked up. In the end, chaos will overcome Jackson Kennel, with Oliver and Sugar in the center of it all. Will Oliver ever reach the freedom he has been itching to get since being locked up? Will he be able to perform one more musical number? Or will the cats scratch that plan and bring him to his demise with his tail between his legs? The puns are just so dog-gone good in this story!

The Pros: The illustrations are just wonderful throughout the story. It is hilarious to see these animals with human-like bodies strut and call each other “mutt” or say “dog dammit.” It was perfect how the happy illusions in Oliver’s mind were created in tones that you might see in a Care Bears episode, but the actual events were depicted in dim and gritty shades.

The Cons: Realizing the story was over.

I highly recommend this series to not just dog people, but to all people.

Jer gives it 5/5.


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