Music Monday – “Ninja Rap”

YO, it’s the green machine
Gonna rock the town without being seen
Have you ever seen a turtle get down?
Slammin and Jammin to the new swing sound

Yeah, that’s right! The turtles received some funky beats by artist Vanilla Ice in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze” (1991). This hip music video features clips of the Turtles busting a move at a hip hop club as seen in the film. It also features plenty of hip thrusting by Mr. Ice and his backup dancers that puts the rebellious Peter Parker in “Spider-Man 3” to shame. I’ve never used the word “hip” so frequently in a paragraph before.

This was such a cool video from when I was kid. The Turtles pounding down the Foot Soldiers while also dancing to this boss song was something every kid was reenacting on their trampoline. Don’t underestimate the sweet dance moves that can only come from nothing else but Turtle Power.

Go ninja, go ninja, go!



11 thoughts on “Music Monday – “Ninja Rap”

      1. targo76 says:

        Yes, in there haste to remove ancient Japanese weapons from the movies they actually taught kids to use household items as weapons….so is so much safer. Cuz kids are none to pack sais and and katanas

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