Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #1

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #1
Author: Kyle Higgins
Illustration: Hendry Prasetya

Digital Release: 2016
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Purchased on iBook

After being really impressed with the first comic of this series (see: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #0), I figured I would see how/where the story would go in number one. In short, it was a little dull. To be honest, I forgot to write this review since I moved on to reading something else very quickly.

The story begins with Bulk and Skull (the local bullies) filming their own internet series (much like you’d see on YouTube) titled “Ranger Station” where they give a recap of all of the monsters the Power Rangers have defeated recently. If only they could have filmed the battle between the Rangers and the monster known as Pudgy Pig (he was one of my favorites from the show)… That would have been awesome. Anyway, these two guys are trying to get subscribers, and go around interviewing their high school classmates about who they think the Power Rangers are and whether or not they can trust them. Bulk and Skull are depicted as the biggest fans the Power Rangers could possibly have in Angel Grove.

This story did not have many fighting scenes and was mostly about the Rangers in school. Tommy is still being haunted by Rita, Kimberly is trying to get him to loosen up, Zack is dealing with some secret that makes him fall asleep in class causing Jason to be concerned, and Trini and Billy are just kind of background characters. If you want the teenage drama without the colorful suits, then this comic is perfect for you.

There was a scene that caused me to get excited, but only to be let down. Have you ever seen a part in a movie where suddenly something extreme is happening to the character(s) that you feel will change the tone for the rest of the movie, but find out it was all a dream (I’m talking to you Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice)? Well, the Power Rangers had a similar scene, but it wasn’t a dream – it was just simulated training.

The ending did leave me interested in the next story, so I might have to check it out. It involves someone who works closely with Rita suddenly appearing in Tommy’s room holding a sword to him. The suspense from the scene was compelling.

The Pros: No matter how slow the story was, the artwork is never boring. The characters look great and the colors are bright and inviting.

The Cons: The story was just not that interesting and there were no scenes that jumped out in my mind as I wrote this review.

Jer gives it 2/5.


3 thoughts on “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #1

  1. Michael J. Miller says:

    I appreciate this post! I’ve started rewatching some of the old ‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’ episodes on Netflix before I go see the new movie and, as I’ve watched them, I’ve been curious about what their new comic series is like. IDW has given me all I ever wanted (and more!) with their work continuing the stories of the Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so I was wondering if this would have a similar vibe. Granted, I never loved the Power Rangers as much as the Turtles of the Ghostbusters but I still enjoyed them. But I guess I’ll go in with lower expectations? Either way, I’m still intrigued but I like having realistic expectations before I start.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jerscomicbooks says:

      The comics are pretty good. They capture the look and feel of the original show. Just seeing the epic artwork is good enough for me. Yes, IDW has some great series going! Thanks for the comment.


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