Super Angry Birds #1

Super Angry Birds #1
Author: Jeff Parker
Illustration: Ron Randall

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Released: 2015
Purchased on iBooks

The popular video game characters are now comic book heros! When King Pig’s Gang starts harassing the citizens of New Yolk City, one team of birds will use their superpowers to protect the city and bust some pork chops while in the process. As Bruce Wayne once said in “The Dark Knight Rises,” “I’m not afraid. I’m angry.” These birds can relate. They can’t help but be consumed with anger towards King Pig and the rest of his swines.

The story will introduce the reader to the heroes. There is Chuck, who goes by Chaser (similar powers to The Flash) when he is fighting crime. Watch out for Bomb, who always has a short fuse. He can explode, destroying things around him while remaining unharmed. You need to have muscle on your team (Luke Cage), and thankfully the Super Angry Birds have Thunderbird. Every great group of heroes needs a Leonardo (TMNT), aka the leader, and Red is the bird for the job. I hope my examples of other well-known characters didn’t distract you from how unique and awesome the members of this team are.

There are plenty of interesting side characters in this story as well. You have the exceptional journalist, Ray (think Ben Urich) who says, “A Raven’s gotta eat,” when faced with a tough task. Matilda is the Angry’s ally. She allows them to use her greenhouse on top of a building as their hideout. The Blues also have a small role as blue collar workers who are friends with Chuck. Their role is yet to be seen. With every great superhero story, there must also be a newspaper involved. This story is no different, as the Angry Birds must figure out a way to stop the manager, Mr. Mighty (a bald eagle) from publishing a story researched by Ray that will expose everything about them.

The Pros: The artwork is amazing in this story. The front cover is what caught my eye originally, but it just gets better the more you read. The bad piggies look very similar to the game with King Pig standing out as the main villain. The action scenes look great, showing the hero’s powers. The puns are clever, and the story is surprisingly entertaining.

The Cons: The Angry Birds look nothing like their original versions from the game, which might bother some.

Give them the bird – the Angry Bird!

Jer gives it 4/5.


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