Music Monday – “In The Garage”

Long before they were thanking God for girls, on an island in the sun, while looking like Buddy Holly; Weezer was jamming in the garage.

“In The Garage” is a song from the rock group Weezer that was released in 1994 on their debut album simply called Weezer. The album has since become known as the Blue Album. Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer, describes this garage and what one might do there to unwind without anyone judging you for who you are.

If only everyone’s “thing” could be welcomed and not doused with fear, but with self-respect. This song reminds me of that and encourages me to be myself no matter what others might think or say. I like that members of the X-Men are mentioned. They know what it is like to be rejected for being yourself.

No matter what you do just keep doing your thing. That is what makes our planet a truly remarkable place in this galaxy. We are all unique.


Below you will find the studio version and the acoustic version of “In The Garage.”


2 thoughts on “Music Monday – “In The Garage”

  1. Rob Wantz says:

    If I had a soundtrack, this would be my song. I remember buying the tape when it first came out and listening to it while out driving around looking for a job. I had to pull over the car when this track came on because it just over took me with a realness of my life I never heard in a song before. It is nostalgic, emotional, and uplifting for me still to this day. It encompasses the life I lived than and is a buoy from then to all of the years since. Thanks, Jer!!

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    1. jerscomicbooks says:

      I understand your connection to this song. Thanks for sharing what it has meant and still means to you. That is also so cool that you had it on a cassette tape. Sadly, I didn’t get into Weezer until the late 90s, but the Green Album was huge for me when it came out in 2001. I have always related to this song as an aspiring guitarist. I have an electric guitar and I play my stupid songs, and I love every one waiting there for me in my basement. This song has aged well!


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