Wonder Woman (The New 52)

Wonder Woman (The New 52)
Author: Brian Azzarello
Illustration: Cliff Chiang

Digital Release: 2013
Publisher: DC Comics
Purchased on DC Comics

I finally got around to reading about this version of Wonder Woman. I am not sure why it took me so long, but better late than never. Since I read the first comic of the volume, I knew that this would be a great story with plenty of action.

The Pros: Wonder Woman is a wonderful woman who stands for what is truly right. This comic does an excellent job of portraying that. She is bold, yet caring, and has the confidence of a god. She isn’t fazed by the blood thirsty centaurs that are mutilating innocent beings around her. She puts on her armor, pulls out her sword, and jumps right into the battle. This comic gets right to the action and has Diana charge into the story in all her glory.

The story wasn’t confusing, but left you with questions that can only be answered from reading more. It was straight forward – girl needs help, Wonder Woman comes to the rescue, and the bad guys are shady about their motives. However, seeing the messenger god, Hermes, in the story was very intriguing.

The Cons: Heads up if you don’t like seeing evil centaurs being born from human bodies. I thought it was a great twist. Also, you might not like seeing those centaurs’ arms getting chopped off by Wonder Woman’s sword being thrown from yards away. Personally, I thought it was awesome.

“This comic is worthy of your time!” – Lasso of Truth

Jer gives it 5/5.


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