Music Monday – “MMPR, Roll Out”

Today’s Music Monday is a good one. At least I think it is. Is there anything cooler than some Autobots singing the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers theme song? The video game, Shaq-Fu, comes close, but doesn’t surpass this.

The Cybertronic Spree, people dressed as Transformers while performing rock music, cover the classic hit from the original Power Rangers television show as well as inserting some music from the video game, DOOM. A big thanks to My Side of the Laundry Room for helping me to discover this great band.

In this music video you will see awesome Transformer costumes, actual video clips from Power Rangers, and some intense guitar shredding. Shredding Shredder approves of this song! The 80s met the 90s in the year 2017 when this song was performed live. Now I want to see or read a Transformers/Power Rangers show or comic book. If the Rangers can team up with the Justice League, then this should happen.

You know what time it is!


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