Music Monday – “New Divide,” R.I.P. Chester

I could not believe the news when I found out Chester Bennington had taken his own life. I was hoping it was one of those fake news stories that you come across occasionally. That wasn’t the case this time and the sadness quickly set in. I became so numb.

Did I ever meet Chester Bennington? No, and I never even got to see him perform with his band, Linkin Park. However, his voice has been with me ever since their first album was released. On October 24, 2000, Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park’s debut album, was released. Two days before this event I turned 16 years old. That Diamond certified album seriously changed my life and introduced me to rap metal/rock/alternative metal. It gave me something new to learn and appreciate about the different types of music that I was discovering.

The album came out when I was going through changes in my teenage life. I just got my driver’s license, had my first car, had a job, tried to date girls, and was a sophomore in high school (Peter Parker would pity me). Those were some exciting, fun, awkward, tough years and Linkin Park helped me through those emotions with their songs. The shy, church-going boy that I was enjoyed those Friday nights when I was with my pals, shouting out the lyrics to “One Step Closer.” I was hooked on Linkin Park. Chester’s voice on all of the albums since Hybrid Theory brings out fond memories of college, being a newlywed, and now a father. His songs have remained a part of my music library throughout all of those years and I hate that there won’t be any more from him. We even named our “Elf on the Shelf” after him.

Suicide is our era’s Great Plague. In the state that I live in, it is the number one cause of teenage deaths. I’m thankful for the resources that are out there when one becomes depressed, but much more needs to be done to help those who are struggling. We need to get to the root of it, assure those who are the victims that they are not the problem, and encompass them with love.

Chester Bennington will live on through his music just like his late friend, Chris Cornell.

Today’s song comes from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) and is titled “New Divide.” Linkin Park provided some great songs to a few Transformer movies (and a certain vampire hunter) over the years i.e. “What I’ve Done,” the theme song to Transformers (2007), and “Iridescent” for Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011). “New Divide” is probably one of the only good thing to come from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The other would be Optimus Prime coming back from the dead.

The music video shows some great scenes of the Autobots in action. Linkin Park look great too as they energize this song with their epic performance. They bring the spark to the Allspark!



2 thoughts on “Music Monday – “New Divide,” R.I.P. Chester

  1. Michael J. Miller says:

    “much more needs to be done to help those who are struggling. We need to get to the root of it, assure those who are the victims that they are not the problem, and encompass them with love.” – AMEN! We have so much to do with mental health in this country, from de-stigmatizing it to helping people get the treatment they need to talking openly about it to showering those who deal with mental health issues with love, acceptance, and inclusion. This was a beautiful essay and a loving tribute to Chester Bennington, his music, and his effect on those who loved both. Thank you for sharing this. I’m with you.

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