Comic Book Character of the Week: Liberty Belle


First Appearance: Boy Commandos #1 (Winter 1942)

Status: Hero   Real Name: Libby Belle Lawrence

Occupation: Journalist; broadcaster   Base: New York City

Height: 5ft 6in   Weight: 140 lbs   Eyes: Blue   Hair: White (was blonde)

Special Powers/Abilities: Can project sonic blasts from her hands; gains super strength when the Liberty Bell is rung.

“Libby Lawrence is the descendant of the Revolutionary War heroine Miss Liberty. A champion athlete in school when her father was killed in 1939 by Nazis in Poland, Libby escaped by swimming the English Channel, becoming an international celebrity. Libby gained superpowers through a mystic link to the Liberty Bell and became Liberty Belle, a founding member of the All-Star Squadron. After being irradiated by one of the Nazi Baron Blitzkrieg’s weapons, Liberty Belle gained her sonic powers. She married fellow crime fighter Johnny Quick, and their daughter Jesse later became the new Liberty Belle following the Infinite Crisis. She serves as a member of the Justice Society of America alongside her new husband Rick Tyler (Hourman II).”

Phil Jimenez, The DC Comics Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide To The Characters Of The DC Universe (New York: DK Publishing, 2008), 206.


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