Music Monday – “Save Me”

If you have not noticed I am a big fan of Superman! I’ve enjoyed movies, comics, cartoons, songs, and television shows about this legendary character. I even follow the awesome blog, Superman Collector in Hawaii, which allows me to see a never ending collection of Superman items. You should check it out!

Being a fan of Superman began when I was in Kindergarten. The teacher played the classic Fleischer Superman cartoons during play time and I was smitten by how awesome the man in the red cape was. He has become a god-like symbol much like Hercules did in ancient times. Superman has been inspiring to me throughout my life.

Today’s song was used as the theme song for the decade long television show Smallville. The series was about the fictional home town of Clark Kent and his teenage years before becoming Superman. The song, “Save Me,” was performed by Remy Zero and comes from their third album The Golden Hum (2001). The music video has nothing to do with Superman. However, the lead singer, Cinjun Tate, could be mistaken as Lex Luthor.


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