Comic Book Character of the Week: American Eagle


First Appearance: Marvel Two-In-One Annual #6 (1981)

Occupation: Champion of the Navajo Tribe   Real Name: Jason Strongbow

Base: Navajo Reservation, Arizona

Height: 6 ft   Weight: 200 lbs   Eyes: Brown   Hair: Black

Special Powers/Abilities: Super strength, speed, and endurance; shoots a crossbow with specialized bolts.

“While protecting the mining of a sacred mountain, Jason Strongbow and his brother Ward encountered Klaw. Klaw released a sonic blast that reacted with uranium in the rock and mutagenically enhanced the brothers. As American Eagle, Jason tracked Klaw to the Savage Land where he defeated the villain with the aid of the Thing, Ka-Zar, and Wyatt Wingfoot, but at the cost of Ward’s life. Jason refused to register with the U.S. government during the Civil War and fought the Thunderbolts to stay free. He crippled Bullseye before he escaped.”

Andrew Darling, Matt Forbeck, The Marvel Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide To The Characters Of The Marvel Universe (New York: DK Publishing, 2009), 12.


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