Codex Dracula: An Eye for an Eye

Codex Dracula: An Eye for an Eye

Author: Viorel Moraru

Illustration: Viorel Moraru

Released: 2017


Author and illustrator, Viorel Moraru, has created an interesting new series centered around the infamous impaler, Dracula. This prince, who was baptized in blood and raised to kill, is the only thing standing in the Ottoman Empire’s way of taking the higher ground in their war against Europe. If the Turks could take just one Kingdom, Transylvania, their victory would be more likely. However, they find themselves in an outmatched battle against Dracula and his forces.

The story has a twist that makes it even more entertaining. Dracula, in all his might, will find himself in a situation where betrayal and confinement will bring his rampage to a halt. It is clever writing and leaves the reader curious as to what will happen next. Dracula is a long way from home when he is accidentally set free.

The Pros: The story has just the right amount of historical fiction to keep it interesting. The illustration is very detailed showing emotions in the characters’ faces, the carnage of war, and even some awesome weapons and armor used by the characters. Dracula’s red sabor is my personal favorite. The map of the Ottoman Empire and Hungary with Transylvania in between the two kingdoms was helpful in establishing the scene where most of the story takes place. This comic, book two of the series, ends on a cliffhanger and is perfectly set up for book three. I like how this version of Dracula is more about him being a warrior than a reclusive shadow hiding in a castle.     

The Cons: The storyline is interesting, but could be even better with more character development.

They thought they could stop him, but they were dead wrong.

Jer gives it 4/5.   

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