Daredevil Vol. 1

The Man Without Fear is back and is looking awesome! Mark Waid does an excellent job of telling a story about our favorite lawyer, Matt Murdock, and his challenges of being the blind vigilante, Daredevil. The fascinating story has Matt fending off accusations of him being Daredevil. His credibility as a lawyer is almost completely tarnished from the accusations which causes Matt and Foggy to lose cases. The judge won’t allow for them to defend a blind man who was fired from his job for no apparent reason. It will take Matt teaching this man to defend himself in court and it will take Daredevil to defend the man outside of the law as they uncover something dangerous.

Watch Daredevil crash the Mafia’s wedding (and steal a kiss from the bride), fight a confused Captain America, and escape a lions den. This volume has it all!

It is literally the blind leading the blind in this entertaining story.

Jer gives it 5/5





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