The Infinity Gauntlet

Oh man, hold onto your glove and enter an incredible adventure as the big baddie, Thanos, gains all six of the Infinity Stones and causes havoc across the Universe. It is not just The Avengers who are disrupted by the purple alien, but The Defenders, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The X-Men, your friendly neighborhood heroes, and powerful beings such as Eternity and The Living Tribunal who will all face off against the mad titan. With a snap of the finger each of these individuals will find everything taken away from them including their lives (even though there is an epic battle where Captain America holds his ground until the end). Will the heroes who lost their lives be gone forever? What started off as Thanos trying to win the affections of Mistress Death spirals out of control reminding the reader that pride does come before the fall.


It will take the brilliance of Doctor Stephen Strange (much to Doctor Dooms frustration), the sleek and shiny Silver Surfer, and the ever important Adam Warlock to attempt to put an end to the madness and bring back order to the Marvel Universe. Watch out for Nebula as she is determined to get revenge on Thanos for all the pain he has caused her. Revenge is best served with a gauntlet.

Go to infinity and beyond with this epic story.

Jer gives it 4/5.


3 thoughts on “The Infinity Gauntlet

    1. Jer says:

      The movie was very different from the comic. The main players of the comics were completely left out of the movie so it has been neat to see the different versions. I have nothing but love for the Silver Surfer and hope that he can someday become a major player in the cinematic universe as he is in the comics.

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