Welcome to my happy place in this vast blogging world. This is a place where I will share my thoughts and feelings about whatever comic book I can get my hands on.

Ever since I was a child, I found comics to be very fun to read. I would read Garfield as much as I could in elementary school. When I became a teen I found comic books to be even more fun and would buy them whenever possible. I found myself relating to so many characters, I started a collection.

Now as an adult, I find graphic novels to be epic and enjoy them just as much as the short comic strips in the newspaper. I am by no means a comic book “historian.” I don’t know all of the ins and outs of characters, story lines, or random trivia from the major publishers.

My purpose with this blog is to share what I find to be fascinating with comic books. It might be the story or just the front cover. Whether it be good or bad, I will share my thoughts about it. I am also a huge fan of music. On any given Monday, I may share a song that has meant something to me that relates to a comic book, movie, or television series. Thank you for your time, and keep reading!