My 2019 Book Adventures

0A7C1A09-506B-4277-AE6D-325AB79E0C2BThe pleasure was all mine as I traversed from page to page in each of the comics/books shown above. In January of 2019, I decided I needed more fiction in my life so I set out to obtain that. Of course life gets in the way, but I was able to occasionally find the time needed to read what I wanted.

Thanks to time management, I was rewarded with visiting an ape man in a far away jungle, feel for an alien living in a farming community, be amazed by the heart of a Themysciran princess, and watch four ninja reptilians visit a gritty city and get their shells handed to them by a bat. I also witnessed people with too much power and greed become the villain, the impact of death on the main character, and see a man come back from being completely broken both mentally and physically.

Here’s hoping that I can double the amount of books read in 2020. We can never have enough to read. It is just up to us to make it happen.

Happy reading,


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